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Reflect Counseling and Psychological Services is a psychotherapy private practice located in Raleigh, NC. It is our professional home and built on our collective values of authenticity, integrity, courage, hope and whole-hearted living. We, Dr. Paula Kline and Dr. Jackie Camp, are long-time friends and professional collaborators. We both completed our graduate training at a clinical psychology program in Las Vegas, Nevada. How we landed in Raleigh, NC is a story!

We have been in private practice together for 10 years and we both identify as generalists. We have experience working with a variety of individuals (primarily adults) who struggle with a variety of issues including (but not limited to) depression/mood disorders, anxiety, adjustment disorders, complex trauma/PTSD/child, sexual, or relationship abuse, dissociative disorders/dissociative identity disorder, eating disorders, relationship/interpersonal problems, marital problems, and spiritual/existential issues. We offer a collection of services aimed at promoting emotional and psychological health; including individual and couples therapy, group skills training, consulting and supervision.

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Hi! My name is Paula and I am a clinical psychologist. More importantly I am person. A person who has lived, loved, worked and parented. A person who has faced heartbreak and disappointment. A person deeply committed to doing all of these things with authenticity, faith and courage.

As a therapist, I am a connections specialist. It is my opinion that psychological distress is caused by a breakdown in our connections either to ourselves, the most important people in our lives or our ability to make satisfying sense of the world around us. I see my job as helping you to identify your unique sources of disconnection and empower you to choose a path toward greater growth and fulfillment.

I approach this by developing a strong, collaborative and safe therapeutic relationship. It is from the safety of this bond, we examine your story. It takes strength and courage to speak your truth and find healing. I use a variety of different approaches to help you accomplish this; most often Interpersonal Process, DBT, and Existential Psychotherapy techniques.

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Hi! I’m Jackie. I love so many things, but the real passion of my life is people. I think each person is an infinitely beautiful mess of biology, unique accidents, thoughts, emotions, experiences, and relationships. I value my relationships with people, above and beyond all else. This is true in my personal life and in my work as a therapist.

I think connection is what therapy is all about.

I believe that every person is made to be connected (understood, known, prized) in relationships. At the core of emotional and psychological problems is a problem in connection or relationships – both past and present, with others and inside ourselves. This means that my most important job is to build a healing relationship, the foundation for you to tell and rewrite your story and to help you walk out those changes in your life. Telling and rewriting your story is painful and requires courage, vulnerability, and compassion. I rely on a variety of strategies to help people make the changes they want to make, most commonly these include interpersonal process, DBT, CBT and feminist techniques.

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